Tsutaya Books Bukit Jalil x Kawai Malaysia

Tsutaya Books Bukit Jalil x Kawai Malaysia

In December 2023, Kawai Malaysia and Tsutaya Books Bukit Jalil collaborated to organize a month-long event at Tsutaya Books, Pavilion Bukit Jalil. The objective of the event was to showcase Kawai pianos to the public and provide visitors with an opportunity to experience Kawai's flagship hybrid piano (Kawai NV10S) and flagship digital piano (Kawai CA901).

Tsutaya Books Bukit Jalil is a renowned Japanese chain that opened its doors to Pavilion Bukit Jalil in July 2023, marking the first outlet of its kind in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The chain is recognized for its aesthetically pleasing stores with scenic bookshelves. The bookstore's design was impressive, and visitors were greeted with a warm atmosphere that encouraged them to spend hours exploring the endless bookshelves while enjoying live music performances.

The event featured two pianos inside the bookstore, the Kawai NV10S hybrid piano, and the Kawai CA901 digital piano. Visitors had the opportunity to play and explore these pianos, and they received a lot of attention. Both pianos were designed with exceptional attention to detail, and their build quality was impressive. The Kawai NV10S hybrid piano combined the best of digital and acoustic pianos, offering a rich and expressive sound, while the Kawai CA901 digital piano had an elegant design and a user-friendly interface.

The event also featured live performances by various pianists every weekend throughout the month. These performances spanned different genres, including classical music, jazz, and modern tunes, providing visitors with a diverse selection of music. The performers consisted of young piano students who were winners of the Kawai Malaysia Future Virtuoso awards, Kawai No Bench Challenge winners, and Kawai Malaysia artists such as Many Chan and Tengku Hadif. These pianists were exceptional, and their performances were mesmerizing. They showcased the full potential of Kawai pianos, leaving the audience in awe.

The Tsutaya Books Bukit Jalil x Kawai Malaysia event was a remarkable experience for music enthusiasts and piano lovers. The event provided visitors with an opportunity to explore and experience Kawai pianos and witness outstanding performances by exceptional pianists. The event was a resounding success, leaving visitors with a lasting impression of the beauty and elegance of Kawai pianos.


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