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 The imaginative spirit of Koichi Kawai, our founder, laid an ambitious foundation for all who would follow, and is the primary reason why the name Kawai has been synonymous with innovation since 1927. Always searching for new materials and technologies that can improve the tone, touch, stability or durability of a piano, Kawai has pioneered many of the piano industry’s most compelling and beneficial innovations, including aluminium action rails, slow-close fallboards, hard finish music desks and the revolutionary use of ABS composites and carbon fibre in piano actions.

The company’s passion for innovation also extends to electronics where Kawai created the industry’s first digital pianos with real wooden keys, the first action designs that re-create the natural movement and motion of an acoustic piano action, the first built-in CD recorders and the first affordable digital pianos with real wooden soundboards.

In its never-ending quest to elevate the art of instrumental craftsmanship, Kawai continues to fulfil its calling as the future of the piano.


An Award-Winning History

Kawai has become one of the most celebrated companies in the global music products industry having received over 50 major international awards for product and service excellence.

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Kawai Artist

Honorable list of distinguished Kawai artists from every music genre and their testimonies of Kawai products.
Matthew Bellamy (Muse) Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) Lee Nai Kong Ray Mak
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