Introducing ABS-Carbon

ABS-Carbon, the new composite material in our revolutionary Millennium III Action, combines the long-term stability of ABS Styran (a composite used in Kawai actions for over 40 years) with the extraordinary strength of carbon fiber. ABS-Carbon produces more dynamic power, greater durability, improved control and unparalleled speed to enhance the playing experience.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber has been called the lightest, strongest material on earth. In Kawai pianos, it allows a lighter design that helps to make our Millennium III Action tremendously fast and effortless to play while sustaining exceptional tone. The rigid character of ABS-Carbon also offers pianists more power with less effort. Its resistance to shrinking and swelling helps to provide these benefits consistently over many years – something conventional wood components are unable to deliver.

What’s Wrong with Wood?

While certainly ideal for the sound-producing elements of a piano, wood is less suitable for the many mechanical components in a piano action. Wood is susceptible to breakage from continual stress and can shrink and swell dramatically with changes in climate. This inherent inconsistency of wood parts can impair a piano’s tone and touch—and lead to costly repairs and maintenance.


ABS-Carbon in the Millennium III Action contributes to improved performance in many ways that will delight the player:

Durability: ABS-Carbon parts are more durable than conventional wooden parts and over 50% stronger, which means less maintenance and parts replacement.

Speed: ABS-Carbon makes the Millennium III Grand Action 25% faster. Keys depress and return more swiftly, providing increased repetition and playing speed.

Power: The added rigidity of ABS-Carbon provides more power with less effort. The piano responds to a lighter touch, making it easier to play.

Control: The meticulous redesign of the Millennium III Action offers superb control for the player. It is now easier than ever to maintain control for pianissimo playing.

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