Ray Mak - Artist

Ray Mak - Artist

Instrument : ES520

Born in May 11th 1985, Ray mark started playing the piano when he was 10
years old and even though he received formal music lessons when he was
younger, he struggled to grasp the abilities of note reading. Most of his songs
cover are played purely by listening and he performed and recorded piano
covers requested by the YouTube community.

He began his channel in 2006 as a type of "personal diary" where he uploaded his college videos until a video of him playing the piano became viral one day.

Ray shares his love of music by performing piano renditions of his favourite
songs as well as songs requested by his fans. He had explored a wide spectrum of genres on the piano, from pop to rock and even rap to dubstep, all by ear.

He is officially verified artist on YouTube. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, Google Music, YouTube Music and DailyMotion.

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