Lee Nai Kong - Artist

Lee Nai Kong - Artist

Instrument : MP11SE

Lee Nai Kong is a Senior Music Producer from Malaysia. He respects music and devoted himself to music. After graduating from university, he established 101 Studio, which has been recognized as Malaysia's top recording and production studio.

Lee Nai Kong started his piano lessons learning the electronic piano at the age of 10. When he was 14 years old he took up an interest to start playing music, and got his first job in advertising music at the age of 22.

In 1999, he began to teach as a music teacher in a private college known as UCSI and founded the Popular Music Department. At the age of 26, he arranged and produced Zhang Zhicheng's entire album "Name".

The year 2003, he was discovered by Jacky Cheung and worked as an arranger with him. Lee Nai Kong is quite active in the local Malaysian music scene. In 2004, he made his first appearance in a local film music production with "Berlari ke Langit". He was the music director for "Absolute Superstar" on Malaysia's Asia-Pacific Space (TV Station), and also the music director of the "Ultimate Heaven Group" and the finals concert's producer.

He won the Asia Malaysia AIM Music Industry Award in 2007 and the Top Ten Outstanding Young People Award in Malaysia in 2014.

The Kawai MP11SE is the stage piano for musicians that refuse to compromise, featuring the class-leading Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard action, a selection of excellent acoustic and electric piano sounds, and sophisticated MIDI controller functionality. As a program arranger, executive music director and band director, the MP11SE aligns perfectly with Lee Nai Kong's daily music and performance needs.

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