Maxy Chan - Artist

Maxy Chan - Artist

Instrument : NV10S

Maxy exudes innate joy, sensitivity, expressive musicality, and virtuosity in her performances. Beyond classical music, she has performed and covered contemporary, pop, jazz, and film music on YouTube since 2011.

Through her Instagram-based project,, Maxy celebrates the musical risks and mistakes made in her performance videos as a form of practice of self-acceptance.

Maxy Chan became the first Malaysian to win gold awards at the prestigious 2013 and 2014 Asia Piano Competition in Taiwan and South Korea respectively. She obtained her ATCL (2010), LTCL (2012), and FTCL (2014) diplomas in piano performance from Trinity College, London. She has appeared at the 10th Penang Island Jazz Festival, 11th Johor Bahru Arts Festival, 22nd Kota Kinabalu Music Festival, 41st Klang Music Festival, 3rd Euroasia Youth Music Festival, and many others. Following a successful fundraising solo piano recital for UNICEF in 2017, Maxy co-organized “The Sound of Kindness for Every Child” charity concert with the UCSI IMus committee and her peers, directing all proceeds to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh through UNICEF in 2018.

She was invited to perform at TEDxUCSIUniversity Theme: Synchronization titled “Get Your Life in Sync” in 2017. She presented a lecture recital at the UCSI Piano Pedagogy Conference 2017 on Performance Perspectives on Ng Chong Lim’s A Distant Voice of the Rain Forest: Musical Elements, Preparation Guidelines, and Interpretations at UCSI University. She graduated from UCSI University with a Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.) in 2019.


Find out more about Maxy on:



TikTok: @maxy.pianogarden

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