Kawai ABS Technology

So, What Is the Truth About ABS?

The evidence shows that ABS Styran is an ideal material for use in the critical parts of a piano action.

The Truth

  • ABS Styran is approved and endorsed by respected piano technicians.
  • ABS Styran is widely used and accepted in today’s consumer marketplace.
  • ABS Styran is scientifically proven to be superior to wood in terms of strength, dimensional stability, resistance to swelling and longevity.
  • ABS Styran is time-tested by over forty years of proven reliability in Kawai pianos.

The use of ABS Styran is one of the chief reasons why a Kawai piano will maintain consistent tone and touch over time better than any other piano built today.

In light of the evidence, what can you say to salespersons who ridicule the use of ABS Styran in a piano action?

Tell them you know the truth.

ABS Styran Wippen and Jack

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