Digital Piano Maintenance and Services

1. What are the maintenance required for digital piano?

  • General Cleaning - To protect your piano from dust or dirt. Wipe away any dusts or spill immediately or regularly.
  • Proper Plugging - Avoid plugging your piano at an over-loaded power outlet. This may damage the piano’s wiring and cable. 
  • Always unplug your pianos after every use. 


2. What are the maintenance and care that you can do at home?


  • Piano feather duster or soft cloth can be used to lightly brush off dust on piano.
  • Consult with the piano store where you purchased the piano before using piano wax or polish. Depending on the piano model, some types or brands of wax and polish may not be acceptable.
  • Using chemical-impregnated wipes or cleaning agents which are not designed for piano might harm your piano. This is because their chemical compositions may not suit for piano's finish.


  • Wipe gently using a soft cloth (use separate clothes to wipe down keyboard and piano finishes).
  • Dampen a cloth in a dilute solution of a neutral detergent, wring out well, and use this cloth to wipe away the dirt/dust.
  • Refrain from using any kind of alcohol such as rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol because it can cause cracking.


3. What shall I do when I am not using the digital piano?

Just as it is vulnerable to damage while being used, it can also sustain the same when not in use.

  • DO NOT leave the keys uncovered. Dust can wreak havoc on pretty much all electronic equipment and it can reach even the smallest and more sensitive components inside the digital piano. 


  • DO NOT allow your pets to get on the piano. Aside from claw marks and scratches marring the surface of the digital piano, their hair or fur can also get into the sensors or other components, thereby affecting the acoustic of the piano.


  • DO turn off the digital piano properly after using it. Never unplug it straight away without inspecting. 


  • DO NOT eat or drink when you are playing the piano. The grease and spill can damage the sensors which will result to warranty claim being voided. 


4. Where can I get help when I detected some problems with my digital piano?

At the first sign of problems, kindly contact our authorized Kawai Service Centre via We will arrange authorized Kawai technician for door to door service /checking. 


5. Do you have digital piano keyboard cleaning and maintenance service?

Yes, we do. We can provide digital piano keyboard refreshment services– cleaning keyboard using proper cleaning liquid, check condition of common parts and replacing of fuse etc. Kindly send inquiry to our customer service department via


Gentle reminder: 

Please check regularly and remember to update your software from here. 


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