Kawai’s Exam-Grade Kawai Digital Pianos Featured at Trinity Examinations in Malaysia

Kawai’s Exam-Grade Kawai Digital Pianos Featured at Trinity Examinations in Malaysia

We are proud to announce our successful introduction of the CA79 and CA99 digital pianos as the first exam-grade digital pianos for Trinity Examinations in Malaysia. The effort to bring this innovative change was made together with our official dealer, Music Bliss, which took place from November 17th to 31st, 2022 at the Trinity Malaysia HQ in Sri Hartamas for Trinity College London candidates; who were very happy with the instruments.

Traditional acoustic pianos have long been the standard instrument for piano examinations. This move is a significant step towards modernizing the music education system in Malaysia, as digital pianos are now able to replicate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano with added benefits such as the ability to adjust the volume and various other settings, as well as being able to record the performance for later analysis.

At Kawai, as a leading manufacturer of digital pianos, we have been at the forefront of advancing technology in the field of music education. Our digital pianos are specifically designed to meet the needs of music students, teachers, and professionals and are equipped with features such as our award-winning digital piano keyboard actions and SK-EX Rendering Sound Technology, which have been sampled from the flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand piano. This allows our digital pianos to replicate the touch and tone of a real piano to an unprecedented level of accuracy.

The introduction of our digital pianos for Trinity Examinations in Malaysia is a major milestone for the music education system in the country, raising the standard of piano examinations to new heights, and showing our commitment to supporting music education in Malaysia with our top-of-the-line digital pianos. Trinity College of Music, established in 1872, is a well-respected and internationally recognized institution in the field of music education, with a focus on piano education and a wide range of grades and syllabus for students of all ages and abilities. With this move, we hope to help Trinity College of Music and the piano education field in Malaysia to adapt to the advancements in technology and progress in the industry.

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