Steven Curtis Chapman - Artist

Steven Curtis Chapman - Artist

Instrument : MP8II, MP4

Steven Curtis Chapman is considered by many to be the top artist in the fastest growing segment in the music industry, Contemporary Christian Music.  In his 15-year career Steven has sold over nine million albums, with 2 platinum and seven gold certified albums.  He has scored 40 number one hits, won 4 Grammy Awards and an unprecedented 47 Dove Awards.

"Music has always played a huge part of the celebration and emotion of Christmas," says singer Steven Curtis Chapman. "Yet for so many millions of children around the world who are orphans, Christmas only highlights for them what they don't have and so desperately want and need: a family."
That's why Chapman hopes to musically create awareness for the need to adopt this Christmas season with All I Really Want For Christmas (September 27/EMI CMG), his new album whose title track is a call for people to help the millions of children in need in the U.S. and around the globe.


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