Isha Love - Artist

Isha Love - Artist

Instrument : MP6

"Wow!! When I first heard her I was totally blown away. She is such a phenomenal player. You will be shocked at her gospel musicianship. Close your eyes when she's playing and you'll be amazed and shocked at what she gets out of the keyboard. "
— Andrae Crouch
Hailing from South Korea, Isha Love has been called "brilliant," "astonishing" and "remarkably original." She has garnered a myriad of accolades on both sides of the Pacific for her soulful and eclectic sounds on the piano, B3 and synthesizer.
Love began playing piano at the age of five and honed her craft at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance. While at Berklee, Love was hired as the primary accompanist for the Voice Department and received numerous invitations to play with such well-established artists as Andrae Crouch, Frank McComb, Lisa McClendon, Kim Burrell and Barbara Morrison, among others.

Today Love is pursued by many artists and producers who look to her masterful keyboard playing and musical sensibnilities for their studio and stage projects. Love is currently writing, arranging and recording her orginal compositions scheduled to be released this year.


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