Herbert Grönemeyer - Artist

Herbert Grönemeyer - Artist

Instrument : MP11SE stage piano

Herbert Grönemeyer belongs to Germany’s most successful musicians and has created some of the countries best-selling albums. His relationship with Kawai goes back more than 20 years. Starting with the legendary EP308, CA digital pianos, the MP11 stage piano and the VPC-1 – Herbert Grönemeyer knows and loves Kawai pianos like no other.

"Almost 25 years ago, shortly after "Bochum", I played my first Kawai instrument. Today I use the MP11 and VPC1 on stage and in the studio, relying on their wonderful digital quality and its carefully weighted wooden keyboard action. Many pieces of "Human" and "Twelve" have been written on the Kawai RX-6 grand piano. Kawai has the sound that I like and which inspires me. Thanks for the good cooperation. I'm looking forward to all the good things that will continue to happen in the future."

Instrument: MP11SE stage piano, VPC1

Website: www.groenemeyer.de

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